Escape Rooms in Prague

After escape gaming at Budapest and thinking "wow, this IS the place!", we were again impressed by Prague in March (just before Corona struck). This gothic city is filled with some of the best and unique escape room experiences. This is our second visit to Prague and this time we packed our days with escape games and voluntarily over-tired our bodies and minds.
Prague is filled with some of the best and unique escape room experiences. 

And since we are experienced players who want to escape the best games in the city we're at, we did thorough research before booking the games. And we must admit, among the 12 games we played in Prague, we'd say at least 10 of them were fun and worthy experiences. And at least 5 of them were unique experiences.

We played all the games in English and almost all the places had warm and kind game-masters, except maybe EscapeX where we had a cold GM, but maybe the entire game was supposed to be cold and super tricky.

The Duo recommends

In summary, if you can only play 5 games in Prague, let it be these 5:
• Haunted House 2: Poltergeist at The Chamber
• Galactic Pioneers & Nautilus at MindMaze
• Mission 53 at Padlock
• EscapeBar at EscapeTheRoom

Games we played in Prague

A guide to our ratings:
😍 - Must experience this one • 🙂 - A good game • 😐 - Can be skipped