Hi. We're the Duo - Sahil and Indhuja


We're an escape room duo from Berlin and have been escaping from rooms since 2017. We play wherever we travel to, sometimes also on weekends. We started writing about our experiences in early 2020 and we're trying to remember every one of our experiences and put it all together in this consumable format on this blog. We play all the games in English and always as a duo. We've requested and played rooms that require 3-4 people as well.

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(Sahil) Performs calculations and thinks too much
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(Indhuja) Recognizes patterns and digs up hidden items


Having escaped from so many rooms, we are very addicted and fascinated by escape rooms and how they work for different types of people. Through this blog, we wanted to share our experiences that could help fellow addicts, and newbies alike, to be able to decide and plan their adventures and missions.

Being user experience designers, we enjoy solving problems and also identifying them in the escape rooms. So we also love providing valuable feedback that could make the escape rooms better.

Our fascination with escape rooms has also led us to think up themes, concepts, and ideas for escape rooms. If you're interested in collaborating with us for a concept or a consultation to make your room/s a bit friendlier, reach out to us at hello@theduoescapes.com.