Escape room review of Mission 53 at Padlock, Prague

Padlock has 2 rooms at 2 different venues in Prague. We liked the hospitality and the setup of both the rooms, and they are definitely worth your time and money. We suggest you experience both if you are looking to book only the best experiences in Prague.

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Escape room review of Mission 53

We were looking forward to this one because it was a 99-minute experience. And since we love to be locked in rooms with a mystery, Mission 53 was the best thing that could happen to us on any given day.

We reached the place and found that it only has space for one team and one gamemaster at a time. And it got immersive just after we got comfortable on the couch. We realized the role-play happening and got in on it immediately.

We were there to investigate a murder (that turned out to be something else in the end). We entered the murder scene as cops, with bulletproof jackets and torchlights and a notepad and a pen. The experience had a narrow rugged dusty street with a (usable) toilet in the end and It was already immersive enough for us and we were super-pumped. There was also a crashed van that contained some real surprises.

An hour and 39 minutes is a lot of time to be spent in an escape room, but Mission 53 made us unravel mysteries in different settings- The park (crime scene), the van, the secretly mysterious basement, the street, and the room. And this 5 in 1 experience was worth the time because it made us feel like we did at least 3 different escape rooms.

We came out in a little over 63 minutes; That's just an hour and way early, but we enjoyed investigating the hell out of this mission!

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