Escape room review of Très Cher Lock in the Lock Academy, Paris

Lock Academy located in two different venues in Paris, is regarded as an academy built by the detective genius, Professor Lock. Once in the academy, you become graduating detectives solving mysteries on the academy grounds.

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Rooms in Lock Academy

At the Academy Châtelet branch

Little Miss Lock – The disappearance (review below)

A Near-Perfect Crime – Criminal Investigation

The Heist of the Century – Panic at the Museum

Operation Mindfall – Undercover mission (outside)

At the Academy Sébastopol branch

Revolt at Lock Academy – The Detectives’ rebellion

L.A. Confidential – Mission Impossible

The Examination – The Detective’s Competition

Escape room review of Très Cher Lock

Also called Little Miss Lock, the mystery is related to the Professor's daughter, Cher, who has gone missing. She is also a student at the academy and the Professor thinks this is because of her most recent investigation. You enter Cher's room as the Academy's graduating detectives help unfold the mystery.

We really liked the setup of the entire venue, and how friendly the hosts were both before and after the game. We were informed that the mission was not to escape the room but to progress in solving the mystery.

Cher's room was very well crafted and it felt like a real dorm room. We also felt that the clues and important elements of the "whole mystery" were very realistically hidden in her room, just like how a student would hide things.

Because of the good storyline and the nice decor, the game felt very immersive. The investigative process was engaging and well-connected to the story. We felt like real detectives after a while and were busy the whole time. It was a very wholesome experience and this was definitely a room of above-average quality with a good setup and a well-connected storyline.

The Duo definitely recommends this room.

We can't stress this enough- this is an excellent game. Our only regret is that we couldn't play more rooms at the Lock Academy. We were also told that all rooms are connected in some way and the characters we encountered while rescuing Little Miss Lock show-up in some other rooms as well.

We will definitely go back for more!

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Little Miss Lock

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