Escape room review of The Game of Life and Death

Team Escape is an escape room brand, located at multiple locations in Dresden and seems to be unexpectedly thriving and growing in this simple city that sometimes seems to be bustling with young energy and sometimes asleep or even shut down.

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Rooms at Team Escape, Dresden

At Glacisstra├če 7

The Game of Life and Death (review below) ­čĹç

At Rothenburger Str. 7

The Cell

At Alaunstra├če 53

Hofman's Formula

Tales of the Treasure Huntress

At Katharinenstra├če 21

The Lost Son

Mr. Nobody's first case

The venues are pretty much at walkable distances from each other.

Escape room review of The Game of Life & Death

After breaking out of the prison at The Cell, we headed to the location of our next game which was a short walk from Rothenburger Str to Glacisstra├če. After the explanation of the rules and the freshening up, we were again hyped to be tied up by the serial killer inside a grim, cold, dimly lit dungeon-like room.

Rooms like this are just fun, there are locks, there are challenges, and it's a game. And we love these kinds of classic escape rooms too, in addition to the new lock-less or story-based 2.0 experiences that escape rooms are advancing into.

We foraged the room for ways to open locks that led into rooms that brought us closer to the methods of the killer and with many new and refreshing puzzles and finding clues and connecting things, we escaped successfully in around 50 mins. Overall, a good experience with a nice twist at the end ­čśů

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