Escape room review of Skurrilum, Hamburg

Skurrilum is located in the Reeperbahn, which is the so-called adult + theatre district in Hamburg. After being awed (in a way), we took a small walk to the location which was in a very decent-looking clubhouse.

Escape room review of Skurrilum, Hamburg

Rooms we played

  1. Ernie Hudson and the Wailing Woman
  2. Ernie Hudson and the Zoo of Death
  3. Malvini's Legacy

Escape room review of Ernie Hudson and the Wailing Woman

We read in reviews that this was a kind of audiobook experience and it was our first time.

The background was simple- Ernie is a paranormal investigator who isn't available to take this case, so we as his trainees will have to now solve the mystery of the Wailing Woman.

Overall, this room was special because it was well-structured; With the accompanying story-telling and connections to the elements in the rooms.

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We were briefed in a room so dark that I thought my eyes were shut but they weren't. But it was required that we were blind for a while because our ears were getting used to the audiobook-styled narration in the room. Thus amplifying the hearing sense.

We loved how the narration keeps the players on track and guided the progress in a non-obstructive way.

The story unfolded nicely, revealing the real mystery. And once we figured out the mystery, we were nearing the climax where we had to stop the haunting. And by doing so, we also solved the mystery on time.

The Duo's rating

For us, this was an ideal and wholesome experience that we recommend for beginners and experienced players alike.

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Escape room review of Ernie Hudson and the Zoo of Death


We're here to investigate a mystery in this unused zoo.

The decor was very immersive and went quite smoothly at the start. At times you might have to be willing to venture into some mysterious spaces and climb some steep stairs. But it's all in good fun.

Their website also mentions that this room is *Not suitable for people with a peanut allergy.

The Duo's rating

With immersive decor, this room was good fun and we can only recommend experiencing the Zoo of Death. 

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