Escape room review of Huntington in Experience Dresden

Experience Dresden is a 2-room venue located very close to the Dresden-Friedrichstadt. They claim to provide an elevated experience - It's called escape room 2.0 and they are also a nominee on the TERPECA's list. So we definitely had to go here.

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Rooms at Experience Dresden

Huntington (review below)

The Heist (needed at least 4 players)

Escape Room Review of Huntington

After having a quick chat with the host, we were explained how the experience could be different with Huntington, in comparison to all the other rooms we're escaped.

This wasn't an escape room anymore. It was a mystery that would unfold in front of our eyes with a strong story that will make the puzzles make sense. The premise would demand us to be fully involved, and that turned out to be the easy part. Little did we know that we'd be expected to take hard decisions in life-and-death situations!

We entered as Japan's lost tourists and were immersed in the ambiance of the surroundings of the house in the woods. Even though the story happens at nighttime and is sometimes dark, lonely, and creepy, there's a calm and nothing to be spooked about.

We calmly found our way into areas and made some serious decisions based on what was happening in the story with the scientist grandpa.

And we were so busy piling up cash that it felt like we were in that bank forever! And that's an experience we'd definitely recommend!

After around 90 minutes, the story climaxed, but we did not want it to end and were still so much inside the experience. We had doubts about what happened to a character in the end and it truly felt like being in a movie. The Duo definitely loves 2.0.

The puzzles were pretty well connected and a neat mix of exploring, seeing patterns, and reading, with logical + mathematical puzzles. It was a fulfilling experience and not one dull moment during it all.

But of course, not everything made 100% sense all the time, and also with some gaps in the story that might not appeal to everybody who goes through it, but then who wants perfect? This experience is already elevated in some ways and if this is the next stage, we can't wait to experience more 2.0 rooms.

The makers of the game did put thought and love and all their experience into the room and have created a movie-like experience with this one. The Duo can only recommend going through this experience.

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