Escape room review of Haunted House - ROOM Escape Room, Zurich

ROOM Escape Room, Zurich is in a pretty central location close to a mall in Zurich and we had a good time during both our visits in 2019 and in 2023.

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Rooms in Room Escape Room

Hohlstraße 465, Zürich

  • In Search of Gulliver
  • Da Vinci Code
  • Haunted House (review below)

Escape room review of Haunted House - ROOM Escape Room, Zurich

We've been to this location earlier to play the Guliver and Da Vinci room. We liked both experiences and have reviewed them here (link to be updated).

We expected the same for this House of Ghosts but were disappointed with the off-putting elements in the room that took away fun for us. For one, this room had a part at the end, where we were expected to lift something that weighed at least 10 kilos (and vibrating/shaking). And since we've played so many rooms, and all of them say never to use force, this felt like an unnecessary chore, even though it ties well to the story.

We hope they do something to make the heavy-weight component slide-able or less exerting in some way.

Now for the good part - The room's atmosphere was very real and immersive, thanks to the sound effects and the decor. Some early parts of the room also require strength and other parts could seem unsafe, but all of it adds to how real and sturdy the room is.

Overall, a good experience (if you're ok with using strength and physical exertion)

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Haunted House

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