Escape room review of Endorfin, Prague

Endorfin is in the outskirts of Prague compared to the other escape games in the city. With the unique setup as a multifunctional place, it is one of a kind escape "room" experience that we've had.

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Morgue II

Escape room review of Morgue II

If you are reading this, then chances are that you already know the uniqueness of this escape experience. It is a single-person escape mission where you are locked up in a cold body storage area—alone! This was new for us because we have never done a "uni"-player escape room before, always as a "Duo" 😉. Here, we were competing against each other, in two separate "body drawer" escape rooms in the Morgue.

We were greeted by the host at the venue, surrounded by kids having a party in the multifunctional space. After getting ready for the experience we were asked to lie down on the steel slab of the drawer. With our bodies and hands tied down, we were slid into this metal coffin and the 30 minutes began.

The game was pretty straightforward. You woke up in a cold body storage unit and if you don't escape you don't know what torture will happen next.

Although there weren't a lot of difficult puzzles, there were a few confusing ones, and some did not work properly. A knob was broken in my area and an important text element was not visible in Indhuja's. Once, we had to put metal tweezers in an electric socket and we knew it could be a part of the game but were too afraid to attempt it.

The last puzzle was different for both of us and the important "piece" of the puzzle was just sitting next to the lock for me but was hidden in the previous part of the game for Indhuja—a bummer. We both came out in time, although we had slightly different experiences.

Overall, it's fun and a new experience to try if you want to compete with your friends but I will still hesitate a little bit while recommending it to someone.

Note: This game is not suitable for claustrophobic people.

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Morgue II


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