Escape room review of Brandon Darkmoor in The Room, Berlin

The Room in Berlin is often quoted as the best escape room destination in Berlin. It is also featured twice in the Top Escape Rooms Project website in 2019. Having done the The Lost Treasure, and loving it, we went back to try out Brandon Darkmoor.

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Ghost hunter Brandon Darkmoor (review below)

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Escape room review of Brandon Darkmoor

The premise of the room is ghost hunting. In an old hospital building that is now haunted (of course!). You will be interns of Brandon, the famous ghosthunter, and will enter the room to "clean" the hospital from the so-called presence.

What we liked

We really liked the setup of the room and how real the hospital's hallway was, with and without the haunting (you need to play the game to "really" understand what this means ;). The highlight of the room was the elevator, and you really must experience it. We took a couple of clues and the delivery system wasn't the usual TV screen, and hence, memorable.

This is a room with an actor and that's something that seems like a recent fad among the best escape rooms. The actor was in character from the very beginning, and that is something we enjoy and go with.

This is also one of the very few rooms that do not consider or tell you the escape time. They focus on immersion so much that they do not want to adulterate it with a time restriction. They did not tell us the time even-though we insisted on it. New beginnings?

What could've been better

Some parts of the room seemed super logical, but when you're given a manual (in an escape room) it doesn't feel very natural to us, for some reason. Also, the room's climax wasn't very satisfying and seemed somewhat disconnected from the original ghost-busting plot. Also, there were lesser puzzles than we expected, and it left us wanting to play more.

Connecting with the game master before and after the game has always been an important aspect for us (and probably the only time we enjoy chatting up with a stranger), but we did not really connect with the game masters in The Room both the times we played their rooms.

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