Escape room review of Anarquía (Anarchy) - Enigma Rooms, Mexico City

Located at Colima 367-Piso 1 (Roma 2), this is one of the newest rooms that Enigma Rooms has to offer. The other location with Enigma's oldest rooms (also known as Roma 1) is just a few buildings away.

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Escape room review of Anarchy - Enigma Rooms, Mexico City

After going through the content on the website and looking at the video, we were truly a bit scared about the kind of escape rooms that Mexico City had to offer. The content seemed too immersive and as the name "anarchy" suggests, it's also probably a bit violent. And unlike Europe's escape rooms, no bloggers or awards to suggest good escape rooms either. So we went in blind expecting nothing.

And after clarifying that it was a "thriller" not "horror" we went in. The first surprise came even before we got in, not to spoil anything; but the immersion is quite subtle and it worked well.

The goal is to find a safe place as the city is on red alert and the way the room helped us get to safety was quite free-flowing but also logical and made sense. Having played more than 180 escape rooms at this point, we know that it's not easy to achieve enough logic along with the feeling of thrill and the satisfaction of puzzle-solving in an escape room.

We escaped the room feeling very pumped and surprised at the quality of the Anarchy escape room.

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