Review of The Cell in Team Escape

by - March 12, 2023

Team Escape is an escape room brand, located at multiple locations in Dresden and seems to be unexpectedly thriving and growing in this simple city that sometimes seems to be bustling with young energy and sometimes asleep or even shut down. 


Rooms in Team Escape, Dresden

At Rothenburger Str. 7

  1. The Cell (review below) 👇

At Alaunstraße 53

  1. Hofman's Formula (review here)
  2. Tales of the Treasure Huntress (review here)

At Glacisstraße 7

  1. The Game of life and death (review here)

At Katharinenstraße 21 

  1. The Lost Son 
  2. Mr. Nobody's first case
Note: The venues are pretty much at walkable distances from each other. 

Review of The Cell 

The Duo loves prison escapes and when we find one, we are enthused. We booked this room as the first one for the day and reached the location. 

The friendly host explained the basics and took us to our prison cells to lock us up before starting the timer. We were special agents trying to decode how an inmate escaped and had to escape the prison ourselves in 60 mins. 

After Huntington, the 2.0 experience, we happily went back to the 1.0 experience with The Cell and started trying to break out of our individual cells and then the prison (read "room"). We probed to find some stuff that opened a few locks and were reunited to get out of the prison. We did like the clues that led to the locks in this room and it was refreshing in a way and did not feel boring or normal at all. 

We got out well in time and enjoyed the prison break experience very much, that we can only recommend it for groups/couples and for all experience levels. 

Our scores

Room decor: 6/10

Story-Puzzle-Clue connection: 7/10

Puzzle Quality: 8/10

Fun: 8/10

Recommended for -
Couples Large groups Small groups Kids Friendly Family Puzzle Geeks

In Summary

Website link: 

Supported languages: 
German, English

Escape room location: 

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