The Duo escapes from TeamEscape, Hamburg

by - September 19, 2020

TeamEscape is a franchise and in a very accessible location in Hamburg. Since we did some research and booked only the good rooms here, we can say that the 2 games we played really did satisfy our thirst for good escape experiences. The place also had pretty nice people for game-masters. 

Rooms we played in TeamEscape Hamburg

  1. Hour of Evil (review below)
  2. Sweet Revenge (review below) 

Review of Hour of Evil

The third day of our Escape Room Trail in Hamburg had begun. We had 5 rooms to play through the day and it started with Hour of Evil. After a quick briefing, we were let in the room.

Hour of Evil is based on the Resident Evil series, where you try to solve unexplainable mysteries. The game was filled with gore, blood, noises, and shrieks.

We had to step into a confession chamber with a doll burning upside down. We also dealt with spiders (thankfully not real) while getting our hairs raised from the occasional screams and creaks. 

The puzzles were created to be engaging and the connection to the clues was thought through. Usually, in escape rooms, you are not required to do heavy-lifting, but this room might expect you to do some. The last puzzle was quite clever (yet a bit confusing) and utilized different elements from all the rooms. 

Finally, we escaped within an hour and solved the mystery of the Hour of Evil. Overall, this felt like a pretty nice room for an escape room chain. And we were now looking forward to our next room here. 

Special Note: This game has gore, blood, and creepy noises. Some people might feel uncomfortable.

Our scores

Room decor: 7/10

Story-Puzzle-Clue connection: 7/10

Puzzle Quality: 8/10

Fun: 8/10

Recommended for -
Couples Large Groups Small Groups Thrill Seekers Movie Lovers Detectives Beginners

Review of Sweet Revenge

Now, this was a room that impressed me (Indhuja) a lot, and that's because it gave me the feeling of really solving a mystery. A murder mystery that is set in a doughnut shop. 

Once we entered the "crime scene" we had to get started in solving a string of puzzles to grab hold of some clues. We then took the clues and the evidence back to the headquarters for processing. 

Interestingly, we had to decipher fingerprints and look for toxins that helped us put two and two together and come up with a pool of suspects. We also experienced some evidence tampering which then led us to the motive. 

This journey seemed pretty realistic, and it was impressive that the investigation process was accommodated in an escape room experience. Once we got out of the room we felt a sense of accomplishment, which is very difficult to achieve in a murder mystery. Even though the decor and the ambience were pretty sober, the entire experience felt wholesome and kept us talking about it for a few hours. 

In short, this is the best murder mystery room we've played so far.

Our scores

Room decor: 7/10

Story-Puzzle-Clue connection: 9/10

Puzzle Quality: 9/10

Fun: 9/10

Recommended for -
Couples Small Groups Kids Friendly Family Detectives Beginners

Venue details

Website link: 

Supported languages: 
German, English

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