The Duo escapes from Adventure Team, Hamburg

by - September 19, 2020

Adventure Team is right next to an S-Bahn and & bus station on the main line in Hamburg, reaching there was not a hassle. We were welcomed at the door and after a quick COVID briefing, we got our mission briefing via bluetooth headphones–a first for us.

Rooms we played at Adventure Team

  1. They Stole a Million (review below)
  2. Countdown to Meltdown (review below) 

Review of They Stole a Million

The game is set in Hamburg's exhibition centre Deichtorhallen, where the world’s most famous stamp collection is currently on display. We were contracted by Mr. Pink to steal the stamps.

Entering the room was also a puzzle! Hint: Pay attention to the briefing video.

We were able to quickly glide through the first room solving some puzzles. After unlocking a few doors and vents we reached the gallery where the stamps were protected by lasers. They were not too difficult to cross but who doesn't love crawling around lasers, Ethan Hunt style 😜. This room required solving multiple puzzles and filling in the results into the hacking software. There were quite a few puzzles hidden in the gallery and we had to each take over solving them in parallel.

We got the stamps and escaped the exhibition centre in time. The game seemed like an old-schooler but we still had fun. There were some new elements for us, especially in the last room. We recommend this room for players at all levels.

Our scores

Room decor: 7/10

Story-Puzzle-Clue connection: 7/10

Puzzle Quality: 7/10

Fun: 8/10

Recommended for -
Couples Small Groups Kids Friendly Family Detectives Beginners

Review of Countdown to Meltdown

The last game of our trip to Hamburg, but certainly not the least. After a quick COVID hand-wash and freshening up, we were ready for the briefing. It sounded pretty strange, I tell you. We had questions going in. Not anyone's fault but that's what the game was!

We were employees of a nuclear power plant controlled by an AI called A.M.E.E. Due to federal regulation, we were there to monitor A.M.E.E., and that was it. Pretty strange, huh? 

If you are a sci-fi, tech fan you'd like this game. And if you are a Portal fan, you'd love it! We were told that the room is inspired by the 2007 game, speaks volumes about Portal, but I digress. The game starts with A.M.E.E. onboarding us to the system and explaining that she(?) can handle everything in the plant. Little did she know that there'd soon be a catastrophe and the actual game will begin. 

The game had some new & creative puzzles involving identifying objects from a perspective, using tiny little tiny bots and a well-designed pattern matching puzzle-series. There was recurring stress-inducing part in the game which contributed strongly to keep the role of A.M.E.E relevant. 

The last room was dimly lit but had different styles of puzzles like periscopes, bots, card readers. The ultimate puzzle is also inspired by Portal. It was also REALLY stress-inducing– with flashing lights, loud music, and the AI rambling. 

This was a triumph.
I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.
It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

We came outside and I had goosebumps hearing GLaDoS singing for us.  Pretty apt song, eh? The great part for me, as a Portal fan, was the decor. With the stick figures in the clue sheets similar to Portal, the typography and colours on the walls were "nostalgic" for me. But that's just for Portal fans. But even if you haven't played Portal, you'd still like the decor. It's simple but speaks "Nuclear Plant"! In all, the game was really well made and had new puzzles. 

The game master was also humble and impressed and seemed very open when we had some feedback.

Our scores

Room decor: 8/10

Story-Puzzle-Clue connection: 8/10

Puzzle Quality: 8/10

Fun: 9/10

Recommended for -
Couples Large Groups Small Groups Family Puzzle Geeks Beginners

Venue details

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Supported languages: 
German, English

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