The Duo escapes from The Chamber, Prague

by - May 08, 2020

The Chamber, being one of the best escape rooms in the world, has some really high-quality rooms. The Petrské Náměstí 1186/1 branch was very close to the Cosmopolitan hotel where we stayed, and even though we wanted to play more games here, we did not have the time to do so. The place is easiliy accessible via public transport and comes with warm and friendly gamemasters.

Rooms we played

  1. Poltergeist (review below)
  2. Dungeon (review below) 

Review of Poltergeist

Background: The Poltergeist is advertised as one of the scariest rooms you'd ever play. And the content on their website really tries to prepare you for a super frightening experience. 

"Forty years ago in communist Czechoslovakia, a dangerous scientific experiment went out of control. Some doors are just not safe to open. What are you willing to sacrifice to learn the truth?"

Once you enter the mental research facility you will notice that there are no lights, and you'll be given small torches but that might go off anytime due to the paranormal activities in the lab. You'd imagine how can one solve puzzles when there's no light! And you're right. But that'll become the least of your worries in no time. Bwahahaha! 

How the game uses light and sound to make you look at a specific place at a specific time, is a feat well executed! And not just that, the game is also designed to use fear and psychology to its advantage.

Just like in the movies, this place scares you with so many creepy elements. Objects moving and falling, unexpected jump scares, recordings of people who are now dead, flickering lights, haunted passageways, and crawling through air vents, to mention a few. But what really stood out was how the room uses all these to amaze you and literally mess with your brain. 

Jump scares, dark rooms, and moving objects aside, once the room actually transformed into a new layout, which was in equal parts creepy and impressive. 

In conclusion- 
In our experience, we've played 5 strictly scary escape rooms and this was the **scariest of them all**. Even after the game was over and the gamemaster took our picture, our excitement and adrenaline level remained super high! We couldn't stop talking and discussing it for the whole day and we realized why The Chamber stands out when it comes to the quality of its rooms.

Our scores

Room decor: 10/10

Story-Puzzle-Clue connection: 10/10

Puzzle Quality: 10/10

Fun: 10/10

Recommended for -
Couples Large Groups Small Groups Thrill Seekers Movie Lovers Detectives

Note: Not recommended for children and the weak-hearted.

Review of Dungeon

After the terrifying experience of the Poltergeist, we took a breather and moved onto the next room at The Chamber. 

This room had a character. Not just in the decor, but a role-playing "actor" character. The Dungeon Keeper, as he was called, came up to the reception all scary-looking and condescending. He blindfolded us and took us to the dungeon- where we were tied to a table (with handcuffs and ankle-locks) and put in a tiny prison cell. 

He made it clear that he would come back anytime to check on us and kill us(!) if he saw anything suspicious. This took the thrill to a new level and kept us constantly alert while trying to solve and escape. We were trying to make as little noise as possible and even whispered for some time until we realized he was out of the dungeon. 

Even though we know it's all light and fun, we try to go by the rules in escape games. Don't we all? (Hehe, no?)

The puzzles were well crafted and felt medieval. From a tiny fireplace to an indoor well, things definitely didn't look out of place. The first room was almost linear and it had a unique way to ask hints. Apparently, there are some more prisoners surviving down there behind the walls and you can ask for their help by pressing a button in your cell. 

Well, the Dungeon Keeper did come back during the game and we raced back to our places pretending to be in handcuffs and locks again. And I... well, I pulled a George Constanza on Indhuja. We laugh about it even today.

And after an hour of whispering and getting our hands dirty, we eventually escaped from the dungeon, in style. And of course, well in time.

Our scores

Room decor: 9/10

Story-Puzzle-Clue connection: 8/10

Puzzle Quality: 7.5/10

Fun: 8.5/10

Recommended for -
Couples Large Groups Small Groups Family Prison Breakers Thrill Seekers Movie Lovers

In Summary

The Duo played 2 rooms here:
The Chamber, Dungeon

Website link: 

Supported languages: 
Czech, English

Escape room location: 

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