The Duo escapes from Labyrintoom, Berlin

by - March 22, 2020

Labyrintoom is a 3-room venue located at the edge of "ring" area of Berlin but still with good connectivity to major stations and bus routes. The rooms make up for the venue's date looks. We have played and escaped 2 out of 3 rooms in here.

Rooms in Labyrintoom

  1. Leonardo da Vinci's Cabinet (review below)
  2. The Cube's Cabinet (review below) 
  3. The Wizard's Cabinet

Review of Leonardo da Vinci's Cabinet

We headed to Labyrintoom after hearing good things about the da Vinci room. We expected a good deal of da Vinci's engineering-based physical puzzles and trickery and were quite satisfied with the quality of the room.

After an introduction by the enthusiastic host, we headed to the first room. The host started our time by turning an hourglass which was a nice touch. Quick fiddling around and we were able to turn on the lights and move to the next bigger room.

There were very interesting, well-thought-through puzzles in this room. The clues and puzzles were connected by one element or another- a pattern or a symbol. These connections seemed very logical to us even though there was not a very strong storyline.

It's nice to solve puzzles but even more fun when you unexpectedly discover hidden stairs leading you to another room. The last room here gave us a sinking feeling. For a second it felt like we'd run out of time. This last room was full of puzzles and doors but we still managed to make it through well in time. Overall, this was a well-crafted escape room and satisfied all our puzzle-solving urges.

Our scores

Room decor: 8/10

Story-Puzzle-Clue connection: 7/10

Puzzle Quality: 8/10

Fun: 9/10

Recommended for -
Couples Large groups Small groups Kids Friendly Family Puzzle Geeks

Review of The Cube's Cabinet

We were told that this room was based on the movie CUBE (1997). This is a movie about a few people trying to escape a network of cube-shaped rooms that have various types of death traps in them.

Since the room was too white, we had to wear clean gloves and shoe covers to enter it. This room reminded us of the white room we played in Budapest so much that we instantly knew where to begin.

The room had many types of puzzles and we advanced at a pretty steady pace. We reached the second room and kept going at the sneaky little puzzles that kept coming. The puzzles just led us to more puzzles but weren't really connected to the room or the story (which was non-existent). This can still be a good thing if it keeps you engaged enough.

It got pretty busy in the end and we had to retrace our steps back to the first room. The conclusion of the room was decent and we got a sequence of numbers that let us leave the room with a sense of completion. We did enjoy the room thoroughly and felt a mild sense of accomplishment multiple times in the room.

Our scores

Room decor: 8/10

Story-Puzzle-Clue connection: 5/10

Puzzle Quality: 7/10

Fun: 8/10

Recommended for -
Couples Large groups Small groups Kids Friendly Family Puzzle Geeks

In Summary

The Duo played 2 rooms here:
Leonardo da Vinci's Cabinet, The Cube's Cabinet

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Supported languages: 
German, English

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